Carpet flooring in Fayetteville, AR

From elegant and luxurious to casual and comfy, carpets introduce an entirely different feel to space, all by simply changing the style of the carpet. A short-pile, for instance, fits in perfectly for a formal room. Alternatively, you can invest in a long frieze if you want to give your room a casual feel. 

Great Insulation

Carpets, unlike hard surface flooring solutions, provide excellent insulation value to a space. According to a study conducted by the Georgian Institute of Textile Engineering, thicker carpets provide higher insulation factor (“R-value”) no matter what type of fiber used. The underpad comes with its own R-value, and the underpad’s R-value in conjunction with the carpet fiber’s gives carpets greater insulation capability.  


Finally, it is a fact that hard surfaces tend to be slippery, and they are not much fun to land on when you slip and fall. Carpets not only provide a soft-landing surface, they can be especially helpful in a baby’s room. They also help prevent some falls, especially on stairs. Hardwood stairs pose a safety concern, especially when there are young and elderly residents in the home, or occupants with mobility challenges. A carefully selected carpet increases safety by preventing most slips and falls. 
Carpet in Fayetteville, AR
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